Best Arrangement, 

Instruments and Vocals


"I Can't Make You Love Me" 

MikeMRF, Lisa Bello, Justin Waithe


8. I Can't Make You Love Me

Utilizing each hat for this recording, MikeMRF arranged Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" for vocals, jazz rhythm section and string quartet, and played piano and tenor saxophone. As the sole cover on his forthcoming Mob Music 2 Album, Mike knew it had to be special so he wrote a reharmonized string arrangement to support the voices of his long-time collaborators and lead vocalists; Lisa Bello and Justin Waithe. Lisa, Justin and Mike have a signature style of freestyilng over different sections of songs by including lyrics or themes in those sections. With the additional vocal support of Jeff Ramsey, bassist Jon Evans and drummer Coran Henley, the ensemble takes the end of this timeless classic to a place it has never been before. Your consideration would mean absolutely everything!

FYC: Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals

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